training & job


We guarantee to individuals and companies the perfect training formula to increase personal and professional knowledge and skills. The consulting and training actions are defined according to the development lines that the company is already carrying out by strengthening them. We offer a wide range of training courses, from the mandatory one for companies to the more specific one aimed at increasing its personal expertise. Through our network we can also offer companies the access to specific funding channels for training.


We support our customers in a process of change and operational transformation. We provide individuals and companies with the tools and the most appropriate method to carry out personal and business development projects, stimulating goal-oriented motivations. Our coaches work with people and teams on resistance to change, developing self-esteem, the potential and skills of each person (managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, work groups).


Genesimm Group offers a scouting and recruiting service aimed at increasing the business potential of each of our customers. We have structured our service in some activities designed to identify the ideal candidate effectively and efficiently. From the development of a job profile, to the publication of advertisements and the consequent screening of curricula, and more: from the first telephone interview to the psycho-aptitude cognitive interview: a full-ranging service dedicated to all types of companies. Our professional team also supports you after the recruiting, thanks to a careful evaluation of the methods of inserting candidates. We are constantly updated on the latest regulatory news in the world of work and on the procedures regarding contribution relief. Our goal is to minimize bureaucracy by accompanying the future worker in the correct profiling, to help the company get the most of the tax relief and contribution benefits.